"fascination with all things;
the pursuit of humanity -
this makes a life worth living"

arts, education & agency at the tiny school




the tiny school: a gallery theatre classroom; a clearing in the woods, the deck of a ship;
practice, process, freedom, expression, responsibility, action - a philosophy;
here all children represent - their minds and hearts; the scale of their dreams made real.

we welcome all children to bring into existence high quality, large scale, intentional, functional new works, drawn from the following disciplines:

vibrations - music and song

pigment - painting, drawing, printing, graphics

matter - sculpture, buildings, space, materials

humanity - theatre, culture, food, events, travel, improv, fire-making

light - films and photography

movement - dance, walking, games

words - poetry, storytelling, journalism, lectures, debate

universe - understanding, sustainability, philosophy, science, journeys & learning

the tiny school welcomes your support

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tiny.sch aims v.0001

1. to present high quality, large scale, intentional, functional art works made by children where
a) high quality means of a professional aspect, attitude and presentation;
b) large scale means as large as the author requires to successfully convey the scope of their dreams;
c) intentional means that the author is cognitively aware of their part in the production of their own work;
d) functional means, broadly, Decorative, Illustrative or Therapeutic, or combination thereof;
e) art work means, but is by no means limited to, the initial disciplines listed above
f) children means, not adults

2. to bring about in the participants emergent, transformative agency, praxis, humanity, connectedness, motivation, material experience, confidence, patience, responsibility, commitment, generosity, cognitive, social and transferrable skills, wonder.

3. to reach and have positive impact in the lives of the participants by providing open and flexible creative space; a platform for uninhibited, boundless art work making and human expression; masterful teaching; a considered, inspired and wholly diverse programme of wildly radical, inspirational, meaningful artistic missions.

4. to achieve all this with an extremely self-limited budget for new materials and tools; by being super light-weight through the use of existing spaces, tools and platforms; by confronting expectations around resources; by being sustainable from the start; by paying teachers properly.

5a. to promote the experiences practice-based arts education brings to participants as necessary to the ongoing sustainability of a healthy and vibrant humanity.

5b. to promote the understanding of art making as a mirror of reality; to promote the scope for limitless interdisciplinary overlap, not just within the field of traditional art practice, but embracing all fields.

5c. to promote arts education in overlap with reality; learning by doing.

6. to reveal in children their natural creativity at it’s fullest potential.